90+ Creative Names for Your Sourdough Starter

Sourdough starter on wooden table with tea towel and measuring cups

Taking care of a sourdough starter can feel like taking care of a pet. You feed it. You water it. You make sure it stays at a comfortable temperature.

And when you spend a lot of time making sourdough, you might get a little attached to your starter. You might talk to it. Compliment it. Admire its gluten structure.

So naturally, your sourdough starter needs a name.

And not just any name will do.

To help you come up with the ultimate name for your sourdough starter, I’ve rounded up a list of the most popular, creative, and clever names on the Internet.

Warning: They’re punny!

Cottage bread on cutting board next to bread knife

Easy Cottage Bread

Easy Cottage Bread tastes as heavenly as it looks. It's easy enough for beginners and it makes beautiful sandwiches.

honey whole wheat sourdough bread on cutting board next to knife

Honey Whole Wheat Sourdough

Tired of all-purpose flour recipes? Well here's a whole wheat flour recipe that's sure to impress. Honey whole wheat sourdough has it all - soft, chewy, tangy, and sweet. It's perfect for sandwiches.