Should You Mill Your Own Flour?

rye and wheat berries in measuring cup

Spring of 2020 was a crazy time.

Well, actually, 2020 itself was a mess.

But spring, in particular, had me on edge.

Utah had several minor earthquakes. The Covid pandemic resulted in a lot of panic shopping, so certain basic items were scarce. And the stock market crashed – which didn’t affect my family directly, but it did contribute to the overall air of unease. It made me worried whether the economy was going to tank and if our finances would be able to absorb the hit.

And then the stimulus checks came.

Like many other families, my husband and I used the money to cover expenses. We paid some of our credit card debt. We stocked up on essential food items. And we put some money into savings in case my husband lost his job.

But with some of the extra money, I also bought an at-home mill to grind wheat into flour, more specifically a Wondermill Grain Grinder. I figured the mill would come in handy for a variety of reasons.

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