3 Must-Have Items for Beginner Bakers

measuring spoons lined up to form a three

The more I’ve learned about bread baking, the more I’ve realized that I need a few essential tools for really good bread. Not just decent bread, but melt-in-your mouth, fluffier-than-clouds, oh-my-gosh-I’ve-eaten-a-whole-loaf kind of bread.

Fortunately, most of these tools are relatively affordable. You don’t need to spend $300+ on a fancy standing mixer. You don’t need an expensive bread oven that injects steam into your bread while it cooks . And you don’t need exotic ingredients and spices from around the world.

You do, however, need a Dutch oven, a dough scraper or pastry cutter, and a bread basket.

slices of bread on a plate

Secrets to a Softer Crust

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