Recipes by Cooking Method

Did you know that you can cook bread in multiple ways? From cast-iron skillets to Dutch ovens to slow cookers, you can get creative with your baking.

Cast-Iron Skillet

Although the average skillet can handle some stove-top heat, most skillets can’t handle the heat of an oven. The cast-iron skillet, however, can easily handle the temperatures needed to make a variety of bread recipes. Here are some cast-iron skillet recipes for you to try.

Dutch Oven

Many artisan-style recipes require a lot of steam to ensure the bread springs properly in the oven. Lidded Dutch ovens solve this problem and make baking bread a breeze. If you have Dutch oven that can handle high temperatures, give these recipes a try.


Do you prefer the traditional method of baking bread? Try these tried-and-true bread recipes. Just pop your dough in a bread pan and you’re ready to bake.

Slow Cooker

Want to make bread in a slow cooker? I have a recipe or two in mind that I want to try. When I’ve given them a go, they’ll show up here. Check back again for new recipes, or feel free to send me your favorite slow cooker bread recipe.