Recipes by Flavor

At Bread by the Hour, you can do more than sort your recipes by time. You can also sort them by flavor. Here you’ll find a selection of savory, sweet, and sour bread recipes. Feel free to choose a recipe that tickles your taste buds.


Ready for a savory flavor experience? These bread recipes make for great sandwiches. No need to worry about your bread clashing with your favorite toppings and fixings. Feel free to toast or grill these breads.


Have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit? Try these sweet breads. Ranging from a hint of honey to divinely decadent and indulgent, these dessert breads are a delight to make.


Sourdough bread offers its own unique tang to the flavor table. Some of these recipes only have the faintest whisper of sourdough tang while others have such a strongly developed sourdough flavor that it will definitely be the star of the show. Keep in mind that these breads do require an active sourdough starter to make.