Recipes by Difficulty

Are you just starting your bread making journey? Have you made bread recipes for years and want to challenge yourself? At Bread by the Hour, you can sort recipes by difficulty level, so you can find a recipe that best fits your skillset and experience.

Beginner Recipes

Beginner recipes are a great place to start if you’ve never made bread before. These recipes require little to no timing, and they come together quickly. No need to use expensive equipment or advanced techniques. You can breeze through these bread recipes.

Intermediate Recipes

Want to go beyond the basics of bread making? These intermediate recipes are a great way to step up your bread making game without adding too much stress or fuss. Although they do require a little more time than the beginner recipes, they have an amazing flavor and texture that make them worth squeezing into a busy schedule.

Advanced Recipes

Advanced recipes are not for the faint of heart. Many of these recipes day multiple days to make, and they often require unique tools and techniques to get right. Timing is key with these recipes, and you likely won’t get this recipe right the first time unless you have had a lot of practice. But don’t worry – even beginning bakers can make these breads because of my step-by-step instructions with pictures. And I break down the timing for you to make things as easy as possible, despite the difficulty level.