Crusty Sourdough Cottage Bread

Crusty sourdough cottage bread on cutting board next to bread knife

In a rush? You can skip straight to the Crusty Sourdough Cottage Bread recipe at my Tumblr.

It seems like everyone is making sourdough these days, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited about that.

Sourdough offers a lot of health benefits. It has a long fermentation time, enabling gluten to break down more fully. For those with gluten-sensitivities, sourdough bread is easier to digest. Additionally, the longer fermentation time allows for the release of nutrients such as iron, zinc, and magnesium, so our bodies can absorb them better.

Sourdough also tastes heavenly. It has a depth of flavor that you can’t quite match in quick breads. And as your sourdough starter ages, it will continue to develop a richer and stronger flavor. You can pair sourdough with a variety of foods, and it complements countless meals.

And sourdough is just plain fun to make.