100+ Creative Names for Sourdough Starter

Sourdough starter on wooden table with tea towel and measuring cups. Creative names for sourdough starter.

Taking care of a homemade sourdough starter can feel like taking care of a pet. You feed it, water it, and you make sure it stays at a comfortable temperature.

And when you spend a lot of time making sourdough, you might get a little attached to your starter. You might talk to it. Compliment it. Admire its gluten structure.

So naturally, your sourdough starter needs a name.

And not just any name will do.

To help you come up with the ultimate names for sourdough starter, I’ve rounded up a list of the most popular, creative, and clever names on the Internet.

Warning: They’re punny!


sourdough starter in mason jar on tea towel on wooden table. Creative names for sourdough starter.

These celebrities saw a rise in fame. Maybe if you name your sourdough starter after them, your bread will rise in glory, too.

  • Adam Levain
  • Angelina Doughli
  • Avril Levain
  • Betty Wheat
  • Bill Murrye
  • Bill Rye the Sour Guy
  • Bread Pitt
  • Bread Sheeran
  • Breaddie Mercury
  • Breadly Cooper
  • Breadney Spears
  • Breadward Norton
  • Brie-oche Larsen
  • Brigitte Bardough
  • Bun Jovi
  • Carrie Breadshaw
  • Clint Yeastwood
  • Cristiano Ronaldough
  • Danny deVidough
  • David Growie
  • Dough Biden
  • Dough Jackson
  • Doughly Parton
  • Doughnald Trump
  • Doughnatella Versace
  • Doughnna Summer
  • Elon Crust
  • Emilio Yeastevez
  • Gal Gadough
  • Jean-Paul DeMondough
  • Jeff Buckwheat
  • Kim Carbashian
  • LeBran James
  • Leonardough DiCaprio
  • Madoughna
  • Marco Pierre Wheat
  • Marilyn Mondough
  • Marlin Brandough
  • Monica Leavenski
  • Olivia Gluten John
  • Rice Withaspoon
  • Ringo Starrter
  • Robert DoughNiro
  • Rye LaMontagne
  • Ryen Gosling
  • Ryen Ryenolds
  • Ryehanna
  • Robert Doughney Junior
  • Russell Bran
  • Sarah Doughity
  • Sharon Scone
  • Snoop Dough-g
  • Taylor Sift
  • Toast Malone
  • Will Wheat-on
  • Wheatney Houston
  • Wynona Ryeder
  • Yeaston Blumenthal

Celebreadies. Am I right? *Cough* Moving on.

Fictional Characters

sourdough starter in mason jar on tea towel on wooden table. Creative names for sourdough starter.

Do you fantasize about great bread? Maybe your sourdough starter needs a fantastical name to get rolling.

  • Augustus Gloop
  • Austin Flours
  • Beauty & The Yeast
  • Bilbo Baguettes
  • Breadward Cullen
  • Bread Lasso
  • Cindoughella
  • Cobra Bubbles
  • Count of Monte Crisdough
  • Dough-ba Fett
  • Frodough Baggins
  • Herculyeast
  • Hermione Grainger
  • Humpty Dumpling
  • Jane Dough
  • Levain Thumps and the Ryes of the Want
  • Little Bread Rising Hood
  • Landough Calriseian
  • Luke Ryewalker
  • Peter Pain
  • Professor Dumbledough
  • Rye Breadington
  • Samrise the Brave
  • Scooby Dooby Dough
  • Sevengrain Snape
  • Souron the Great
  • Starty McRye
  • Voldoughmort
  • Walter Wheat

Not doing it for you? Maybe the next batch of names will be butter.

Historical Figures

sourdough starter in mason jar on tea towel with measuring spoons on wooden table. creative names for sourdough starter.

Perhaps your starter needs a name more grounded in history. Some of these names for sourdough starter come from the upper crust of society.

  • Attila the Bun
  • Bread Rogers
  • Bready Mercury
  • Doughnato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi
  • Dwight D. Eisensour
  • Edgar Allan Dough
  • Franklin D. Risevelt
  • Frida Kahdough
  • Georges Pompidough
  • Friedrich Kneadtzsche
  • Jacques Cousdough
  • Leonardough Da Vinci
  • Ludwig van Bedoughven
  • Marquis de Labaguette
  • Michelangelo Breadarotti
  • Osama Bun Laden
  • Pittagoras
  • Richard the Leavenheart
  • Rye Breadbury
  • Salvadough Dali
  • Sea Biscuit
  • Sir Isaac Gluten
  • St. Joan of Starch
  • Thomas Breadison
  • Thomas Loaferson
  • Toastoyevsky
  • Vincent Van Dough
  • Vladmir Gluten

Of course, some of these names for sourdough starter knead a little work. Feel free to add your own if you think these names are too stale.


sourdough starter in mason jar on tea towel with measuring spoons on wooden table. Creative names for sourdough starter.

Want to go against the grain? These alternative sourdough starter names might get a rise out of you.

  • Bread Dead Redemption
  • Breadheart
  • Breaking Bread
  • Breadliest Catch
  • Don’t Dough Me Like That
  • Don’t Stop Beleaven
  • Doughlene
  • Do You Beleaven Life After Loaf?
  • Everybody Loves Ryemond
  • Fred Farter the Bread Starter
  • Gone with the Wheat
  • John/Jane Dough
  • Monty Python’s Loaf of Brian
  • Meridough
  • Raging Boule
  • Rick Roll
  • Rye Hard
  • Shenandougha
  • Starch Wars: Revenge of the Sift
  • Stairway to Levain
  • The Yeast I Can Do
  • Yeast Saint Laurent
  • Weirdough

And that’s my list so far. I hope you loaf them as much as I do.

A Special Thanks

I’d like to reach out and give a special thanks to my Dad, my husband, and Martine @i_knead_you_tonight. for contributing to the list. It wouldn’t be nearly as comprehensive without their help.

Have a Few Suggestions?

These are just a few of the potential names for sourdough starter. If you have another name for your starter, feel free to comment below! I’d love to expand my list.