Recipes by the Hour

You don’t have to work your schedule around making fresh bread. At Bread by the Hour, you can time your bread to better fit your schedule.

One to Two Hours

Want fresh bread but you don’t have a lot of time? Try these quick bread recipes. They come together in a little over an hour and don’t require specialized equipment. These recipes are great for beginners and those with busy schedules. Most of these recipes rely on baking soda or baking powder to give bread their lift.

Two to Four Hours

If you have a little more room in your schedule for baking bread, why not give these recipes a try? They taste great with little fuss. These recipes are perfect for beginners and those just starting to step up their baking game. Many of these recipes incorporate a little bit of commercial yeast to give bread their fluffy texture.

Four to Six Hours

Do you have the time to make really great bread? These recipes are a great place to look. Many of these recipes are still friendly for beginners, though a couple of them require a little more intermediate knowledge of bread baking techniques to perfect. Many of these recipes use a combination of yeast and sourdough starters.

Six Hours or More

Do you absolutely love baking and have all the time in the world to devote to amazing bread? These phenomenal recipes often take days to complete, but they are well worth the wait. Many of these recipes are difficult for beginning bakers, but not impossible with step-by-step instructions. These recipes rely on active sourdough starters to give bread their oven spring, and they require more specialized tools during the baking process.