Savory Sourdough Discard Quick Bread

savory sourdough discard quick bread

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I make a lot of sourdough bread at my home, and that means I make a lot of sourdough starter to bake with. As much as I love artisan loaves that take several days to make, I don’t have as much time as I use to ferment and shape the dough.

Honestly, I’m tired.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my newborn, but I’m too sleep deprived to do much more than dump ingredients in a bowl, pop them in the oven, and pray I don’t burn my bread.

Fortunately, this savory sourdough discard quick bread recipe has saved me time and time again. Not only does it use up my excessive amounts of discard, but it also takes almost no effort on my part to make. Cleanup is minimal, and the bread comes together fast. Better still, it’s NOT a dessert bread. I don’t have to feel as guilty for toasting a slice of savory bread as I would with a sweet loaf.

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